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I’m Jeanne, the creator of Flo’s Kitchen.Blog. I am so pleased that you have found us out here in the hinterlands of New Mexico. First time here? This page is to introduce you to some of the things you might find most useful on this site. I hope that you’ll pull up a comfortable chair and browse around a bit.

About me and Flo

Flo is my 1942 Norge stove. Cooking in Flo’s kitchen is usually simple with tried and true cooking techniques. My ideal meal can be cooked in one cooking implement. A vintage cast iron skillet, my slow cooker, a dutch oven, or a sheet pan. I like a meal that is delicious, healthy and memorable. I strive to give my readers recipes and cooking techniques that are simple and easy to follow. When someone tells me “Wow, I never thought of doing it that way, how easy.” I have done my job.

I also like to throw in a taste of New Mexico now and again and include a pinch of ranch life and a dash of travel.

If you would like to know a bit more about me, visit my About Me page.

So, what are some of the recipes will you find here in Flo’s Kitchen?

How about authentic New Mexico Cuisine? Click here for the recipes to these dishes below and a few more.


Looking for One Pot Meals? These should get you started.

What about a few side dishes or soups?


More Resources

Check out my Shop page where I list some of my favorite cooking appliances, tools and specialty foods.

If you would like to know some of the tools that I use to publish this blog, check out the Resources page. This page also includes information on some of the Photography I use.

Both the Shop page and Resources page are updated as I discover new and better stuff!


Don’t be a stranger

I would love to hear from you. Tell me what kinds of recipes you would like to see. If you are stumped, I love a challenge, email me here. If you like recipes that are simple, (mostly) healthy and delicious, subscribe to Flo’s Kitchen and have them delivered directly to your inbox.


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