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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

October 17, 2017

Fall is here. We have already had our first hard freeze. As I write this sitting on the front porch, flocks of snow geese fly overhead. The mule deer are making their surprise appearances all over the ranch.  We have started stacking wood for the cold nights that are not far off. And I am having a running battle with the wood peckers that think the eaves of the house will make a swell winter refuge. Continue Reading

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Artisan Rosemary Bread

October 11, 2017
Artisan Rosemary Bread

We lived in Germany for a little over 3 years. It was a dream come true for me and I still miss our little German Village. It was tiny. So tiny, it did not even have a bakery. Most Germans make a stop by the bakery every couple of days for fresh bread. We had a bread truck come through on Tuesdays and everybody went out when they heard the horn to get their fresh loaf. The truck had a big door that opened the whole side of the truck. It opened up into this wonderful little mobile bakery. All sorts of beautiful loaves in different shapes and sizes. Continue Reading

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Flo’s Chicken Florentine

September 26, 2017
Flo's Chicken Florentine

A few weeks ago we were in Missouri and had dinner at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. It was an amazing meal. I had their Chicken Florentine and vowed to make something similar. It has taken a few attempts but I have come up with something pretty close. The key is the Sherry I think. I found this lovely medium dry Barbadillo Oloroso. I chose it because I wanted something dry and smokey. This one fits the bill perfectly. It gives the cream sauce a subtle sweet nuttiness. Continue Reading

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One Pot Sausage, Cabbage and Potatoes

September 22, 2017
One Pot Sausage, Cabbage and Potatoes from


It’s nice to have a few recipes that are quick, use items that you usually have on hand and that you can almost make in your sleep. Just throw it all in a pot and 40 minutes later, dinner is done. Continue Reading

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One Pan Tilapia with Mushrooms and Spinach

August 31, 2017
One pan Tilapia, spinach and mushrooms

Here is a quick, healthy one pan meal that comes together in less than 30 minutes. It is so good even my picky husband will eat it. When I made this it was just me but this can easily feed four or more. You just need a skillet where the fish has plenty of room. Cook the fish in batches if needed, or use a large non-stick electric skillet. Continue Reading

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Flo’s Mexican Cauliflower Rice

August 21, 2017
Flo'w Mexican Cauliflower Rice.

If I could get away with eating nothing but pasta, rice and tortilla chips with salsa I would be a happy girl. That possibility unfortunately went away after my twenties. So, in the interest of low carb, low calorie eating, I bring you pretty much guilt-free Mexican Cauliflower Rice. Continue Reading

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Salmon with Mango Jalapeño Salsa

August 17, 2017
Salmon with Mango Jalapeño Salsa

I have one jalapeño plant mainly to keep me supplied for salsa and chips. It is without a doubt an addiction.  My plant waited almost all summer to really produce and now the one plant must have 20 jalapeños. So, this salsa is one attempt at not allowing these little green jewels go to waste. Continue Reading

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New Mexico Frittata

August 6, 2017
New Mexico Frittata

I made this on the fly a few mornings ago and oh my gosh. What a keeper! This frittata is great fresh from the oven, the next day warmed up in the microwave or at room temperature. If possible, cook it in a cast iron pan.
Continue Reading

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Flo’s New Mexico Green Chile Salsa

August 5, 2017
Flo' New Mexico Green Chile Salsa

There is nothing like New Mexico green chile. It’s not like jalapeños or habanero peppers. The first thing you taste is not just heat, it’s flavor. This type of salsa in New Mexico is like ketchup anywhere else. You can put it on almost anything. Eggs, chicken, vegetables, hamburgers, burritos, enchiladas, the list goes on. Check out my New Mexico Frittata, to get started. Continue Reading

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Flo’s Chili

July 30, 2017
Flo's Chili

The Estancia Valley of Torrance County New Mexico is known for it’s Pinto Beans. Now I have never really been a fan of Pinto Beans until I picked up a bag at the local feed and hardware store. Oh my gosh, so much better than what you buy at the grocery store. I don’t know if it’s that they are fresher, but my guess is as with wine grapes, it’s all about the soil and the water. If you can pick up some local beans via a farmer’s market or produce stand, do it. The best way to cook them is in a slow cooker. Sort, soak, slow cook. The only thing I add is water and a bay leaf. Keep Reading

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