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speculoos cookies

Speculoos Cookies
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Speculoos Biscuits or Speculaas Cookies

I had hoped to have this Speculoos Biscuit recipe out to you this past weekend but the Accidental Cowboy and I both came down with a nasty bug. The good news, is that we both lost some weight just in time to put it…

November 22, 2017
raw butternut squash
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Speculoos Spice Roasted Butternut Squash

Fall means Speculoos Spice to me. You know, the flavors in Biscoff cookies. I first think of all things pumpkin and then gingerbread and that leads to Speculoos Biscuits and Pumpkin Lattes. So then I got to thinking….. What about roasted butternut squash. We…

September 22, 2019
speculoos spice mix
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Speculoos Spice Mix

Speculoos Spice, straight from Belgium. This is the spice mix that begs to be used during the holidays. Think of gingerbread. Now think about that blend in pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes or bran muffins. Go out on a limb and think of it…

November 18, 2017
Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup
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Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup

I suppose I should have gotten this recipe for Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup done before Halloween. You know, with a name like that. I really don’t know what happened to the month of October, but here we are. It’s November and it’s still all…

November 7, 2019