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Povitica, Your New Holiday Baking Tradition

November 23, 2019
Povitica Nut Bread

Povitica is a Croatian sweet bread traditionally made during the holidays. I learned about it from my cousin Andrea who is an extraordinary baker and cook. Nothing is too big a challenge for her to tackle. Can you say three tier wedding cake? Anyway, the last time we visited, we made this Croatian sweet nut bread together. And while it has a lot of steps and takes all afternoon, it is so worth it. It is the perfect family or team project for the holidays. I don’t know about you but I love holiday baking with family. Great memories, something to keep everybody busy and the bonus of a sweet outcome.

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Now this Povitica or Swirl Bread recipe makes a ton. Five good sized loaves of bread, more if you make smaller loaves. So with all the time you invest, you have a couple for yourself and several to give as gifts. If you do this with a small group, everyone takes home a loaf. Did I mention that if you buy Povitica from a bakery you can expect to pay about $35 a loaf?

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Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup
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Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup

I suppose I should have gotten this recipe for Dead Easy Pumpkin Soup done before Halloween. You know, with a name like that. I really don’t know what happened to the month of October, but here we are. It’s November and it’s still all…

November 7, 2019