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An Easy Way to Make Your Holiday Cookies Special

December 18, 2018
Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps

Now that we are deep into holiday baking season, I wanted to tell you about my latest discovery. In addition to my 5 Things Guaranteed to Make Your Holiday Baking Delightful, I want to add these Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps to the list. Such an easy way to make your holiday cookies Special.

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Easier than Using a Rolling Pin

There is a bit of a story here. A while ago I saw a video for an embossing rolling pin. Coolest thing ever, right? So I jumped over to Amazon to check the reviews out and was thoroughly disappointed. Quite a few negative reviews. Most said the design barely showed up on the finished cookies. So I decided to pass. Then a few weeks later, I just happened to end up in William-Sonoma and found these Cookie Stamps.

Cookie Stamps

Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps

I am really pleased with them mainly because they are so easy to use. Easier than a rolling pin really. With these, you form your dough into a ball just a bit smaller than an golf ball. Then you use the stamp to flatten them out and emboss the cookie. I did mine on a silicone mat so there was no need to flour the board. You use just a bit of oil or cooking spray on the stamps so that the dough doesn’t stick to the press. It also helps to chill the dough about 30 minutes once you have formed them into the balls.

Stamped Cookies Before Baking

Stamped Cookies Before Baking

The Pattern After Baking

I also really like that the pattern is still very visible once the cookie has been baked. This was one of the complaints in the reviews of the rolling pins. I also think using the press is easier than rolling the cookies out and using cookie cutters and frosting them. I love all those beautiful frosted cookies, but I’m just not that talented.

Different Doughs

According to the box, you can use these with different doughs, shortbread, gingersnap, an even peanut butter. I made these with my Vanilla Speculoos Cookies and loved the way they turned out. I also want to try them with my regular Speculoos Biscuits (more gingerbread flavor). Since I bought my presses I see there are some really pretty holiday designs as well.

Now, if there are any of you out there that are using the embossing rolling pin, I would LOVE to hear how they have worked out for you. Just  shoot me an email or comment below.

Happy Baking ya’ll.


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