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Seven Grilling Tools to Make Your Summer BBQ a Breeze

May 22, 2018
Seven BBQ Tools

Seven Grilling Tools to Make Your Summer BBQ a Breeze

Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means that Summer Grilling Season is here. As with anything, you need the right tools. At least that’s what my dad used to say. The Accidental Cowboy (my husband) says that too. I think it’s true but, it could be an excuse to acquire more tools. Anyway, here are seven grilling tools to make your grilling a breeze.

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Disposable Grilling Trays

Disposable Grilling Trays

Disposable Grilling Trays, are the way to go for veggies, shrimp, fruit or anything that can fall through the cooking grate. I like that there is still ventilation under the food but it’s not going to fall through when you turn it. The best part is the clean up, or lack there of. Just toss them in the recycle bin or trash when you are done. We have a couple of grilling baskets, but we end up using these disposable trays instead because I just never seem to be able to get the baskets clean. Umm, we have been known to use these more than once.






Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer so that you can get everyone’s steak cooked just the way they like it. One of the trickiest things when grilling for a crowd is getting everyone’s steak done just right. Using a thermometer takes the guess-work out of it. Once the steak is almost to the desired temperature, pull it off the grill and put it on a warm plate tented with foil so that it can rest but not allow it to be over cooked. Taking it off the heat before it’s reached the desired cooking temperature allows for residual cooking that happens when meat rests. Resting results in the juices redistributing throughout the meat. Please, do not slice open the meat to see if it’s done. The juices will all flow out. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.








Long Handle Tongs

My Oxo Tongs are indispensable for everyday cooking, but when you are grilling you need something a bit longer to be able to reach the back of the grill without risking bodily harm. These Long Handle Tongs are just the thing. They are 20 inches long. We (ok usually it’s the Accidental Cowboy doing the grilling) use them for turning everything but burgers. No injuries!





Grilling Spatula

And speaking of burgers, this Grilling Spatula is perfect for turning burgers on the grill. This spatula is extra long, 16 inches with a wooden handle (so the handle doesn’t get hot) and a serrated cutting edge. It is large enough to use for turning big steaks as well. If you happen to grill pizza, this is just the thing.








Metal Skewers

Metal Skewers

Every griller should have shish kabobs in their repertoire. Skewers can be tricky. I like these Metal Skewers because they are flat. That helps some when you go to turn the kabobs. Everything doesn’t just spin around. Also you want a handle that makes turning them easy with a glove or your tongs. I have seen metal ones that aren’t supposed to get hot but in my experience they all still do. The nice sharp tip is important as well. Think tomatoes.







Bristle Free Grill Brush

When it’s time for clean up, we like this Grill Brush. It’s bristle free so you don’t have to worry about the stray bristle in your BBQ. It works on metal, ceramic, porcelain or infrared grills. It has a nice long handle that allows you to use two hands to really clean. This grill brush is nice and sturdy too and just in case, it comes with a 10 year guarantee.







Long Handled Basting Brush

Long Handled Basting Brush

Again with the long handle but, I like this long handled basting brush . It has silicone bristles for easy clean up. I have yet to own a natural bristle brush that I felt like I could get clean. The silicone bristles on this one are heat safe up to 480°F. The removable brush head is dishwasher safe. This one has a 5 year warranty so it’s pretty much a risk free purchase.



Now if there are any grilling tools that you find essential, let me know in the comments below. Let me hear from you.


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