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June 2017

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Roasted Cauliflower 

June 24, 2017
roasted cauliflower

It has been brutally hot for the last week so I have loathed being in the kitchen at the hottest part of the day to cook dinner. We have no air conditioning. Today we had a bit of relief so I roasted cauliflower in my Breville counter top oven. It produces a lot less heat and I love the convection option for caramelization. Now if you think you don’t like cauliflower you really must give this a try. Roasting gives it a totally different flavor.

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Slow Cooker Brisket
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Slow Cooker Brisket

Slow cooker cooking is a beautiful thing, but especially when the weather gets warm. A nice roast without heating up the kitchen for hours with a hot oven. Make a big one because the leftovers are even better.…

June 5, 2017