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Working Calves

May 21, 2017
Working Calves

We have some leased cattle on the ranch. Joe, their owner has been a cattleman pretty much his whole life. He is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute gem.

Last weekend was calf working day. Most of the calves are not quite three months old. They are big this year. For whatever reason the mamas had lots of good milk. With help from Joe’s family and some neighbors the cattlemen worked cattle for three different ranches’ in one day. Now that’s what you call teamwork.

First you have to get them corralled. Then you get things ready.

Vaccines etc.

​Then you rope them and flank them.

These ​Cowboys do it the old fashioned way.

They live for this.
Note the cowgirl also. Jade is 12 and loves every minute of this.
I think that is so cool.

This calf says I am outta here!


It is amazing how quickly they get everything done. Each calf probably takes less than 10 minutes to work.

Now they go back to their good cattle life. Eating, taking afternoon naps in the warm sun, ranging around the ranch.



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  • Frances May 21, 2017 at 11:51 am

    I found that interesting even though I’m sorta familiar with the operation.

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